Apr 20, 2012

[080722] Vogue Magazine Making Film

Being on air, SHINee members' action isn't any different with their usual life.
So they are very trustworthy.
I can expect what they would act being on air.
All members have been so much improved and changed if compared to 1st album days.

When asked "What is your role model?"...

If there is someone who answers "I want to become a person like SHINee.",
there's nothing finer than this word.

One year after debut
Average age : 18
Between boy and man, it's the shining moment.

Translated by patata ; Edited by Jenniline

This is unfair.
How can the men be beautiful?
After seeing this making film for the first time, I lost my voracious appetite.ㅡㅡ;
I love their superior genes, but the real reason why I love them...
That's not all.
They all are not faking at showing an action or facial expression.
A little awkward, clumsy...sometimes they even make mistakes on stage.
According to Onew, right! Their action is always the same wherever they are.
Their innocence and warm-hearted personalities are like a black hole.
Like, I feel I'm an evil person and have no innocence anymore .
This is unfair haha...
I could rediscover Minho with this video.
Actually, I didn't recognize before that Minho is such a beautiful man.

By Patata

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